Kopimotion is always looking for articles that discuss Singapore screen culture in a sharp and accessible way. We will consider most topics on film, TV and screen media, and are on the lookout for writers who think against the grain. We love pieces that rethink culture, travel back through history, work in between the “fringe” and “mainstream”, and discover new links between art and society. What does the screen say, imply, or leave unsaid about Singapore?

As part of our mission to marry rigorous thought and online citizenship, we are especially interested in considering discussions of screen culture via film/literary/media theory and cultural studies. We look forward to pieces that make academic concepts accessible and relevant to mainstream readership.

We are also happy to consider reviews of Singapore films and television shows.

If you have an idea for an article but aren’t able to write it yourself, you are very welcome to drop us a line anyway.

Finally, we are unable to publish work that has appeared elsewhere.

If you have an article you’d like to pitch, we welcome you to write to us with an outline and a writing sample. Please contact us at kopimotion@gmail.com or use our contact form.