Nearly Headless Chickens: “New Resident” (2020)

New Resident (2020) is one of those films in which what happens around the film is almost as interesting as the film itself. As director Jun Chong reveals in the Facebook post accompanying New Resident's online premiere, New Resident has been influenced by - and has also influenced - the neighbourhood-level politics of Sin Ming … Continue reading Nearly Headless Chickens: “New Resident” (2020)

Looking and Knowing in “Wet Season” (2019)

Thirty spokes converge on a hubbut it’s the emptinessthat makes a wheel workpots are fashioned from claybut it’s the hollowthat makes a pot workwindows and doors are carved for a housebut it’s the spacesthat make a house workexistence makes a thing usefulbut nonexistence makes it workDao De Jing 11:1-2, Red Pine translation In his post-screening … Continue reading Looking and Knowing in “Wet Season” (2019)