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Ben: Ben, who is also Kopimotion’s editor, enjoys sitcoms, horror and supernatural films, and thinking about how these forms represent society. His dream is for Singapore to produce a modern supernatural series a la Charmed and Vampire Diaries. To check out his pieces, click here.

Karen: Karen enjoys creative writing as much as she likes to discuss the intercultural and how people perceive the spaces they occupy. She thinks its important to think about space especially in a city-state like Singapore through the arts, and spends way too much time consuming East Asian music, films, and literature. To check out her pieces, click here.

Nicholas: Nicholas is interested in thinking critically about representations of culture in the media around him. He loves a compact, well-told story, be it on the page or on the screen, and hopes to be able to contribute meaningfully to Singapore’s budding arts scene. To check out his pieces, click here.